Coastal Pacific Scenic Carriages

Glide through the heart of New Zealand's beautiful scenery in our Scenic Class carriages, with epic landscape views filling your window while you relax in your seat.

Scenic train crew member Rachael Martin serving in our Scenic Class Carriage

Relaxing in the Coastal Pacific Scenic Class carriage
Enjoying the views in Coastal Pacific Scenic Class

Your window to New Zealand 

Our Scenic Class carriage experience combines comfort and panoramic views, making our trains the perfect way to explore New Zealand. 

At the heart of our Scenic Class experience are spacious reclined seats, panoramic windows, glass shelves and skylights. These details bathe our carriages in light and bring New Zealand's famous landscapes to your seat. 

Our Scenic Class carriages deliver extremely wide viewing angles by spacing the seating out. This spaciousness also creates generous amounts of legroom and comfort. And to heighten this comfort, we used state-of-the-art airbag suspension to guarantee a smooth ride across our rugged New Zealand terrain.

Quite simply, we have done everything we can to ensure you feel at peace as you sink back in your seat and soak up the scenery.

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Explore our Scenic Cafe, where you'll find hot and cold food and drinks to feast upon along with the views
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Follow the stories of our land

Connect with the histories and stories of New Zealand by tuning into our GPS triggered Audio Commentary
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Inside story 

There is more to our Scenic Class carriages than just huge windows and comfy seats. Within these inner details, you can see that we've gone to great lengths to make great train experiences. 


Carriage seating plan

Carriage seating plan

All of our seats enjoy spectacular views thanks to the spacious design of our carriages. Window seats do get a better view out of one side of the carriage. But, aisle seats enjoy a better view out of both sides of the carriage.

AK Onboard Carriage Seating Plan

When it comes to seating arrangements, our carriages feature two different styles:

 Forward-facing seating: these are the more spacious of the two options. We rotate these seats at the beginning of each journey to face the direction of travel. The forward-facing seating has the advantage of always facing in the direction of travel and has much greater legroom than the table seating.

 Table Seating: this features four seats around a large table. This is perfect for families and groups who want to eat, drink, play games and enjoy time together. The downside is that two people have to face against the direction of travel and the legroom is shared with the person sitting opposite you.

Booking your seat

Booking your seat

When you book your journey, we automatically reserve your seat(s). We do not carry standing passengers and when all seats are sold the service will show as Sold Out.

We calculate the seating plan on the day before travel. We aim to sit passengers on the same booking number together, with couples and singles in the paired seating and groups around the tables. Our priority is making the journey enjoyable for everyone and we have a lot of experience in making sure you get a seat that you will love.  

If you are travelling with people on a separate booking, or have a specific seating request, then please email with your booking number(s) and your request.

Secure baggage carriage

Secure baggage carriage

To keep your possessions safe and out of the way, we store all baggage in our dedicated Baggage Carriage. Please bring a small day-bag or handbag if you wish to keep a bag with you on the journey (see Travel Tips and Baggage Allowance for more details).


Power sockets

Power sockets

Get snap happy on your digital SLR, video the whole journey on your handycam, go into social overdrive on your phone or watch films on your iPad; you can do it all. Just make sure you bring your charger so that you can power-up along the way. All our seats have a power outlet for you to stay switched on for the whole journey!

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

You'll be kept beautifully comfortable in our Air Conditioned carriages, which are cool and fresh in the summer and warm and cosy in the winter. If you like it the other way around, then simply stroll through to the Open Air Viewing Carriage!



Enjoy your drinks throughout the journey knowing that there are plenty of toilets aboard. If you want extra space and comfort, then you'll find an accessible toilet located in the Scenic Cafe. 

Baby changing facilities

Baby changing facilities

 Baby changing facilities, including a changing table and nappy disposal bin, are located in the Accessible Toilet in the Scenic Café.



All our trains are fitted with lifts/hoists for step-free access and have accessible seating. Please see Accessibility for more information.

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