Scenic Plus Dining Experience

Our Scenic Plus dining experience is all about bringing the outside to your table, complementing the views with stunning regional food

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Scenic Plus lunch is served
Scenic Plus breakfast is served


A taste of rural New Zealand 

Our Scenic Plus experience brings together the views, the stories, and the flavours of our land, and our Scenic Plus Dining menu is a vital part of that journey.  

Flavours of our land 

Simple, honest, and authentically New Zealand, our Scenic Plus Menu connects the local ingredients seen through your window with simple regional recipes bursting with natural flavour.

While you glide through rural New Zealand enjoying spectacular views, we'll be bringing those honest flavours to your table. From breakfast pastries and freshly squeezed orange juice, to delicately seasoned lamb and chicken. We'll also be serving a selection of local cheeses, canapes, and sweet treats throughout the day.

So rather than travelling alongside the scenery, join us on an immersive journey through New Zealand that you will savour now and forever. 


Christchurch to Greymouth Menu

Our Christchurch to Greymouth train service departs in the early morning with our Scenic Plus experience serving a light breakfast followed by morning tea amongst the mountain passes of the Southern Alps. In the early afternoon, we'll be serving a light lunch with drinks while you meander through a network of river valleys leading to the west coast.

*Dishes and menus shown are seasonal and subject to change

Scenic Plus TranzAlpine breakfast

Light Breakfast

Muesli glass with Barker's blueberry & cranbury chia compote served with pain-au-chocolat

Scenic Plus TranzAlpine lamb

Morning Tea Cakes

A selection of locally baked bite-size Kiwi-themed cakes and slices

Scenic Class cake selection

Chilled Light Lunch

Morrocan-style Pure South Lamb with minted yoghurt, served on a couscous salad

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Greymouth to Christchurch Menu

Our TranzAlpine Greymouth to Christchurch train service departs in the early afternoon with our Scenic Plus hosts serving a light lunch of Kiwi Classic canapes accompanied by a choice of regional wines and local beers. While you venture through mountain valleys, we'll be serving you a delightful chilled meal to accompany the incredible views. Then, as the afternoon rolls by, we'll bring your journey to a close with a selection of fine cheeses and wines.

*Dishes and menus shown are seasonal and subject to change

Scenic Class Chicken

Chilled Light Meal

Roasted chicken thigh with tomato & capsicum coulis, baby spinach and roast vegetable salad

Scenic Class cheeseboard

Whitestone Cheese Board

Selection of Totara Tasty cheddar, Waitaki camembert & Shenley Station Blue, served with grapes and crackers

Scenic Class Canapes

Kiwi Classic Canapes

Marlborough salmon blini; Kiwi lamb roast; Moroccan chicken; Kiwi bacon and egg pie; plus many more

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Savour the journey with Scenic Plus

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Discover Scenic Plus

Savour the sights and flavours of New Zealand with our Scenic Plus experience
Discover Scenic Plus
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Scenic Plus Refreshments

Relax with a refreshing selection of regional wines, West Coast beers, and local cheeses and sweets
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Scenic Plus Hosting

Our Scenic Plus hosting experience will captivate you with the stories of your journey
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