Seat selection

Our Scenic Class carriages are designed to deliver exceptional views of New Zealand's scenery, regardless of where you sit

inside the carriage of the TranzAlpine train

We've reserved your perfect seat 

Our Scenic Class is no ordinary train service. We do not allow standing passengers and there is no need to arrive early to get a seat. 

We automatically reserve your seats the moment you complete your booking and we use our experience to provide you with the perfect seat.  Your seat number will be printed upon your Boarding Pass, which you will receive at check-in.

All our seats are the same, however we do have two different arrangements:

  • Paired forward-facing seating: these are rotated before each journey to face the direction of travel and provide a more personal experience with exceptional legroom.
  • Table seating: perfect for groups and families, although two people will face against the direction of travel and legroom is shared.

 AK Onboard Carriage Seating Plan


We aim to seat passengers on the same booking number together, with couples and singles in the paired seating and groups around the tables.

If you have a specific seating request or are travelling with people on a separate booking, then please email with the relevant booking number(s) and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.