TranzAlpine Open-air Carriage

Get closer to nature by stepping outdoors into our Open-air Carriages and breathing in our magnificent New Zealand scenery

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Experience the great outdoors from the TranzAlpine viewing carriage

It's as famous as the TranzAlpine itself, with many a New Zealand holiday anecdote including the line: "...and we went on a train where you could stand outside!"

But our unique outdoor viewing carriage isn't just a novelty. It is an amazing way to step out into the great outdoors and experience the environment first-hand. Feel the brisk winter air freshen your cheeks or the warm summer breeze ruffle your hair. Get wet in the rain or kissed by the sun. You can get a true outdoor experience simply by stepping outside into the TranzAlpine Open-air Carriage. 

Refined design

In June 2019, we redesigned the TranzAlpine Open-air Carriage, quite literally "raising the bar" on our outdoor viewing experience. 

The redesigned safety barriers now provide better protection and improved support. The chest-high upper bar is the perfect height for supporting yourself - especially when both hands are busy holding your camera! But even for those just wanting to experience our unique outdoor train carriage, you'll find it easy to hold steady while the train sweeps through the mountains. 

Picture perfect

The TranzAlpine Open-air Carriage has always been the perfect place for capturing unobstructed views of New Zealand's world famous scenery on camera. With our redesigned carriages, it is now much easier to get steady, get ready, and shoot. 

Below is a gallery of images taken shortly after the redesigned TranzAlpine viewing carriage returned to service in early June 2019:


Overlooking Lake Sarah on the TranzAlpine
Mountain high on the TranzAlpine in Cragieburn
Looking out at Lake Brunner from the TranzAlpine
TranzAlpine weaving through the Torlesse mountains
Snowy mountains loom of the TranzAlpine at Cragieburn
Looking out to Mount Binser near Cass on the TranzAlpine





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