West Coast Accommodation

Sleep easy by booking your West Coast stay in one of our accredited hotels

Coleraine Suites and Apartments
room type: Standard Studio

Coleraine Suites & Apartments is located in Greymouth just off State Highway 6 and provides quality and comfortable accommodation on the West Coast.

In addition to the range of facilities you might expect in a stylish establishment you’ll also get multi-channel television and free Wi-Fi. All rooms offer exquisite chattels, SKY Guest Select 50+ television channels, DVDs, and spacious, comfortable beds.

Bella Vista Greymouth
room type: Queen/King Studio

Bella Vista Motel provides modern accommodation with basic cooking facilities. All rooms are quiet and include heating, electric blankets and satellite TV.

The is located in proximity to the town centre, making it the ideal launchpad for cafes, shopping, entertainment and other activities.