Canterbury Museum

Step back through time at the Canterbury Museum and learn all there is to know about this fascinating region

Canterbury Museum in Christchurch exterior
Discover the Christchurch homes in the Canterbury Museum
Dinosuar in Canterbury Museum discovery Centre in Canterbury Museum
19th century Christchurch brought to life in the Canterbury Museum
Canterbury Museum
Rolleston Avenue, Christchurch 8013

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Open daily from 9am–5pm

The extensive Canterbury Museum is one of New Zealand's best. With a collection that has been growing since the nineteenth century under the direction of Sir Julius Von Haast, the Canterbury Museum holds a spectacular variety of exhibits from around the world. Behind the historic facade is a myriad of exhibition halls and galleries that both entertain and educate young and old. 

All visitors to Christchurch should spend at least an hour or two here - but four or five hours can easily pass as you walk through the 19th century streets of Christchurch, come face to with an Allosaur, gaze upon a 485kg meteorite, step inside Fred & Myrtle's Paua Shell house, visit the 1851 home of Emma Barker and explore Antarctica. 


Long term exhibitions include:

  • Discovery: Interactive natural history centre
  • Antarctic Gallery: Objects and stories of exploration
  • Asian Arts: Celebrating the rich and varied arts 
  • Bird Hall: Displays and dioramas of native and extinct birds
  • Christchurch Street: A recreated nineteenth century street
  • Early European: Peer into the murky world of the early settlers
  • Fred & Myrtle's Paua Shell House: Legendary Kiwiana on an incredible scale
  • Geology: Fascinating fossils and spectacular marine reptiles
  • Ivan Mauget Speedway King: Learn the story of Canterbury's world champion
  • Iwi Tawhito – Whenua Hou: The story of moa and the people that hunted them
  • Living Canterbury: Showcasing the natural values of Canterbury
  • Mountfort Galley: Sir Julius Von Haast’s original 1870 collection
  • Ngā Taonga tuku iho o nga tupuna: The story of the East Polynesian settlers
  • The Egyptian Mummy: Acquired in 1887, the mummy of Tash Pen Khonsu sleeps peacefully on view in the museum
  • Victorian Museum: A whirlwind tour of the Victorian world

Visit the Canterbury Museum website for more information.




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