For the benefit of all passengers, we keep the carriages free from large bags and luggage. We recommend that you pack a small bag or handbag with all the items you need for the journey. All other baggage will be checked in and stored in the baggage carriage.

Baggage collection at Christchurch Station

Carry-on & hand baggage

To keep our carriages spacious and clutter free, all baggage will be checked in and stored in our dedicated baggage carriage. This includes cabin sized wheeled bags, backpacks and suitcases.

When preparing for your journey, we recommend you put your travel essentials in a small day-pack or handbag.



Wheeled bags and cabin bags are not allowed in the carriages and must be checked in. Please bring a small bag for your camera, wallet, phone, medication, coat/jumper for the viewing deck, etc.

Baggage Allowance

Our Northern Explorer, Coastal Pacific and TranzAlpine train services have a dedicated baggage carriage.  Please check in any  suitcases, backpacks, wheelie bags, tents and other bags of personal items in the baggage carriage.  We'll also help you with your baggage as you get on and off the train.   

Details of our baggage allowance policy is below:

  • One item of checked luggage per person with a maximum weight of 32kgs 
    • Bags weighing over 23kg may require your assistance during loading/unloading
    • Bags over 32kg will not be accepted and must be repacked
    • Repack bags can be purchased for $10 (in addition to the $20 extra bag charge)
  • A maximum of two additional items of baggage per person may be purchased for $20 per piece
  • Maximum volume per bag is 200 linear cm (this is calculated by adding the height, length and width of the bag together)

Checking-in your baggage

The baggage check-in procedure varies from station to station, so please read the information for your station of departure to see how check-in will work for you.

In summary, it will be one of the following three options:

  • Full check-in: When you arrive at the station and check in, we will label your baggage with your destination and load it on to the train for you.
  • Assisted check-in: We will help you label your baggage and then direct you to the baggage carriage to load your luggage
  • Platform check-in: At unattended stations, we ask that you wait at the centre of the platform. When the train arrives, we will alight and help you label your baggage and direct you to the luggage carriage for loading

Excess baggage and sporting equipment

We have a dedicated, secure, baggage carriage that can handle large items, many of which can't be taken on other forms of transport. We only take personal items with a maximum size of 200 linear cm (height + length + width) and a maximum weight of 32kg.

You must book your excess baggage when you make your booking, particularly for bikes as we can only fit four bikes or one bike with a trailer in our baggage carriage.    

Pricing for excess baggage is as follows:

  • Additional bag: $20
  • Bike (max 4, subject to availability): $20
  • Bike with trailers (max 1, subject to availability): $50
  • Golf clubs: $20
  • Ski Equipment: $20
  • Surfboards: $20

 Unfortunately, we’re unable to carry tandem bikes.