Gift Voucher

With three train services to choose from, each offering a different slice of New Zealand's gorgeous scenery, a Scenic train gift voucher offers something for everyone's taste.

What is a gift voucher?

What is a Gift Voucher?

Our Gift Voucher allows you to gift an amount of money toward one of our amazing train journeys. You can choose one of our set amounts or enter you own choice of value. The receiver of your Gift Voucher can then choose which train they want to travel when they redeem the voucher.


How is a Gift Voucher redeemed?

The Gift Voucher is delivered with a clickable web link. All the recipient needs to do is click on the link to access the Customer Portal on our website where they can start booking their journey using the voucher.

A Gift Voucher can be used as full payment or part payment for any journey and for any number of people. So the recipient has flexibility to put the voucher toward a journey on their own, or with their entire family - they might even invite you!



Can it be refunded?

If the total cost of their booking is more than the gifted amount on the voucher then they can pay the balance using their credit or debit card.

If the total is less than the gifted amount, then a balance will remain on the Gift Voucher for future use.