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Travelling during COVID-19 Alert Level 2
16 days ago


Important health notice:

We remain on high-alert regarding COVID-19 and are doing everything we can to ensure our ships are clean and safe, and we are monitoring passengers at check-in.

Please do not attempt to travel if you:

  • have been requested to self-isolate/quarantine, or
  • have symptoms of COVID-19, or
  • are awaiting COVID-19 test results.


Welcome back!

From Thursday 14th May 2020, COVID-19 related travel restrictions will be eased and we will be able to welcome all aboard once more!

However, the government has urged caution and to "Play it safe". So to ensure that we minimise the risks aboard our ships, we are taking a number of important measures. Some of these will make travelling during COVID-19 Alert Level 2 a little different. So please familiarise yourself with the following changes before travelling.


COVID-19 Alert Level 2 Service Updates

Please note the following alterations to our normal service as we keep health and hygiene our top priority for all passengers and crew.

  • Ferry capacities are reduced:
    • this enables Physical Distancing to be upheld aboard
    • however, it might result in sailings selling out more frequently than normal
  • Final Check-in will be 90 minutes before departure for vehicles and 60 minutes for foot passengers 
    • this enables us to perform additional checks safely and hygienically
    • however, please be patient both at check-in and on board
  • Photo ID is required for ALL adults at check-in
    • this enables us to keep a record of everyone aboard and enables the government to locate you should a case of COVID-19 arise
    • however, it means we must take a digital record of all Photo IDs
  • Physical Distancing of 1 metre must be maintained at all times 
  • Wellington Terminal Shuttle Bus is not operating during COVID-19 Alert Level 2
  • Onboard food outlets will be serving pre-packed foods and drinks, however:
    • food options will be limited
  • Onboard Children's Play Areas are closed until further notice
  • Onboard cinemas are closed until further notice
  • Aratere Plus Lounge and Kaitaki Plus Lounge are open, however:
    • spaces are very limited
    • the buffet will be replaced with table service
  • Kaiarahi Plus lounge is temporarily closed


Keeping up to date with changes

While we remain at COVID-19 Alert Level 2, we will continue to use this page to advise you of COVID-19 related changes to our policies, procedures, and facilities. Please check here on before sailing if you would like to know what to expect.

We also have a comprehensive Pre Travel Email which we send to the booking email address. This will provide your Final Check In Time along with important advice and updates regarding facilities and procedures. Our Pre Travel Email is sent up to four days before departure, so please look out for it in the days leading up to travel.

It is very unfortunate that we have had to make changes to our services. But, above all else, our job is to safely connect people between New Zealand's two main islands. To date, we are thankful to say we have had no health alarms and we wish to keep it that way.

So please have patience, and remember that all changes to our standard service are for your benefit and for everyone you see and smile to throughout your journey.


We look forward to seeing you aboard soon.