Bringing your pets

One of the great advantages of taking the ferry is that you can bring your pets. To ensure your pet is comfortable and safe during the journey, we ask you read our tips and policies for pets on board.

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Important information

Pets can remain in your vehicle or be booked into a kennel.  We ask that you read and understand your responsibilities when travelling with your pets or animal on the Interislander, so we can ensure they're comfortable and secure on the journey. 

All of our ships have dog kennels that can be included in your booking for both foot passengers and vehicle passengers.

If you wish to check on your animal during the journey, please ask a crew member on board who will escort you to your animal if circumstances allow.

Only Disability Assist Dogs are allowed in the passenger areas of our ships. To help us identify Disability Assistance Dogs, we recommend your service dog wears the official Civil Defence disability assistance dog tag.  

Please note: we may not be able to transport your animal if they are sick, unmanageable, considered unsafe or present a risk to themselves or others.

Bringing pets in your vehicle

  • During Peak Season, we recommend you book a kennel if you are bringing a dog as we can't guarantee shaded parking will be available
  • Your pet can remain in your vehicle for the journey for no extra charge
  • Your pet can remain in a crate at the back of your vehicle if:
    • The dog(s) can stand and move freely in their confinement area
    • There are no more than 2 dogs in one crate or sub-division of a crate
    • Ventilation should make up at least 20-25% of the crate’s walls (excluding the floor and roof)
    • Water is available during the voyage
    • If the confinement area is deemed unsuitable by Interislander staff, then the dog(s) must be placed in the ship’s kennels for the duration of the voyage
  • You are responsible for their welfare throughout the journey
  • Please make sure your animal is healthy and fit to travel
  • Please inform check-in staff that you have a pet in your vehicle and they'll give you a special hanger for your rear-view mirror
  • Your animal needs to be comfortable and have enough space to travel in its normal posture, i.e. make sure it can stand up and turn around
  • Our team will check your kennel, car or cage is fit for purpose prior to boarding    
  • Train your pet in the weeks' before travel by introducing them to staying in your car unattended
  • Leave some toys for them to play with or a favourite blanket, bed or basket so that they can rest in familiar surroundings
  • Please ensure your pet is well fed, watered, toileted and exercised before boarding
  • Ensure your vehicle is well ventilated and your pet has water
  • Your pet must be inside the vehicle or in a cage on the back (it must not be tethered outside or on the back the vehicle)


NOTE: Please note that at this time, all vehicles with dogs must be located on the weather deck (under the canopy in the shade). They will not be permitted in the lower enclosed decks.  This also applies to Nautical Miles members who may be used to parking on the lower deck.


Bringing pets by foot

  • All of our ships have dog kennels that can be added to your booking
  • Cats and other small animals in a suitable cage/pet carrier can be placed in the kennels on board.
  • Train your pet in the weeks before travel by introducing them to staying in the cage or carrier unattended, rewarding them with treats or play will create a positive association with the cage. 
  • Please ensure your pet is well fed, watered and exercised prior to travel as this will help them to stay comfortable and calm during the journey


Booking a kennel

Interislander Kennels

All our ships have large kennels in a cool, well-ventilated area, that can be added to your booking. If a kennel is not available during the booking process, try selecting an alternative sailing. 

If you are travelling as a foot passenger, then you must book a kennel otherwise your dog will not be allowed to travel.

  • Kennels cost $15 each
  • Our kennels have access to water and are designed to allow most animals to travel in their natural posture 
  • Typical dimensions are 800 x 800 x 600 (WxHxD)
  • We recommend you leave them a blanket, bed or basket they are familiar with to ensure their comfort
  • Ensure your dog is well fed, watered, toileted and exercised before travel
  • Please book ahead to ensure availability
  • Ensure that your dog has up-to-date vaccinations (ask your veterinarian for advice).

Check-in information for kennels

Foot Passengers

Proceed to check in as normal and obtain a boarding pass for you and a kennel voucher for your dog (please leave your dog outside the terminal while you check in).

The kennels are located on the vehicle decks, which means you will board via the vehicle ramps rather than the gangways. Please follow the instructions of our staff at all times.

Vehicle Passengers

Advise the assistant at the vehicle check-in that you have booked a kennel and obtain your boarding passes for you and your dog. The check-in assistant will give you a special hanger for your rear-view mirror to identify that you have booked a kennel.

When boarding, the loading officers will see your hanger direct you to the kennel area. 

If you're travelling with a horse or pony, you'll need to check in through our commercial vehicle check-in.