Travel tips

Prepare for your Interislander journey across the Cook Strait and beyond with these essential travel tips.

Pack a small bag with your travel essentials

Backpacks and large bags must be checked-in or left in vehicle.

We recommend you bring a small bag with all your travel essentials, including:

  • Warm clothing: The temperature will vary during the crossing, so bring some comfortable clothes.
  • Games & activities: Make family time by playing games and doing activities you rarely find time for ashore. We stock games and activities in the on-board shop if required.
  • Medicine: Please make sure you bring all your required medication and medical kit in your day pack.
  • Sea sickness remedies: you might want to investigate your options for medicinal remedies prior to sailing, although we do sell tablets on-board in the shop.
  • Sunscreen: even if it’s overcast, the New Zealand sun is very strong and can burn you in less than half-an-hour.  
  • Sunglasses: there's nothing more annoying than leaving your sunglasses behind because it’s cloudy and then suddenly needing them.
  • Interislander Travel Tips NZ Wall Socket Power leads: you will find power outlets on-board, so bring your charging cables along to keep your devices charged up
    • All outlets are for New Zealand 3-pin plug only. Our on-board shop sells travel adapters if required.

Travelling at night

If you are travelling at night, consider adding the following to your small bag of essentials:

  • Comfy clothing
  • A good book
  • Eye mask (for sleeping)
  • Wash bag
  • Blanket



Capturing some magical moments

The Interislander journey is one of the most scenic in the world. So whether it is artistic shots of the scenery or snapshots of fun with friends, you should definitely be preparing to take plenty of Interislander memories with you! So:

  • Make sure your camera and/or phone is fully charged
  • Bring your charger - there are power sockets available on board
  • Free up enough memory for hundreds of shots or buy a new memory card
  • Bring a device that connects to the Internet to upload your shots and make your friends jealous!

Use our tag #findtimeInterislander to join our social club!


Interislander Travel Tips Photography

Spotting wildlife

Dolphins and albatross are frequent travelling companions of Interislander. So make sure you head out to the viewing decks during your sailing to get a glimpse of our friends. On the odd occasion, you might even be able to capture a photo of pods of whales or some penguins swimming by.

Is there specific clothing I should wear?

  • Jacket/jumper: the weather is often completely different on either side of the Strait. It can also be breezy at sea. So remember to take a jacket or jumper with you on-board.
  • Footwear: please ensure that all members of your party are wearing footwear.

What about smoking and alcohol on board?

  • For the comfort of all passengers, all indoor passenger areas and most of the outdoor viewing decks are designated non-smoking. Smoking is only permitted on certain designated outside decks. Please refer to the on-board map or ask our helpful on-board crew where these areas are.
  • Due to our liquor licence, you can only consume alcohol that has been purchased on-board and the purchased alcohol must stay on-board. 

How should I leave my vehicle?

  • For your own comfort and the comfort of other passengers, please make sure you have turned off your car alarm before you leave your vehicle to go on-board the passenger decks. As the motion of the sea can sometimes trigger of some car alarms.
  • Please make sure you have turned off your car lights to ensure your battery does not go flat and you can safely carry on with your journey at the end of the sailing.