Every journey has a story

We are all on a different journey, yet we travel together across Cook Strait. So what's your story and where is your journey taking you?

Interislander Cook Strait ferry stories

What kind of journey will you be taking?

We are all on a different journey as we travel across the Cook Strait together. Our paths merge for three little hours. We smile politely as we pass, we even chat briefly while ordering coffee. But as we gaze curiously across the room, we are often wondering "what's your story?".

We recently brought to life four travel stories of people we see crossing Cook Strait all year round. We think we know their stories, but do we really?
Or do we just enjoy a great story?

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Interislander Cook Strait ferry lone ranger

The Lone Ranger

Group trips are fun, but for you, there is nothing quite like the thrill of pursuing your own journey at your own pace. See a waterfall you like? Chase it. Burgers for lunch? No arguments here. Bathroom break? Say no more.

Interislander Cook Strait ferry journey for two

Journey For Two

Every journey is better with your partner in crime. You choose the playlist, they tell the jokes. It's all the fun of a crowd packed into two neat little packages: You and your best mate.

Interislander Cook Strait ferry romantic escape

The Romantic Escape

You and your paramour's love is a tale as old as maritime travel. While there's bound to be bickering and crossed wires about who's packing the sunscreen, every journey together is part romance, part comedy, all adventure.

Interislander Cook Strait ferry family story

The Dream Team

Your family is the one that other families aspire to be. You all love embarking on a journey together, even if it means questionable song choices in the car, or someone hogging all the snacks.

What will be your great journey?

What will your story be?

Great journeys lead to great stories. So what kind of journey are you going to be taking next? Share your story using #Interislander or #greatjourneysofnz and become part of our Cook Strait story!




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