Book your Interislander journey today using Cruisey Pay

Cruisey Pay enables you to snap up our cheapest Cook Strait ferry fares and then pay a little off every month!

Book now and Cruisey pay...

It's pretty obvious that the best way to save money is to buy when something is at its cheapest and you will find our cheapest and best discounted Cook Strait ferry fares are available months in advance - however, they can sell out quickly.

To help you buy the best Cook Strait fares without being a super-organised spendthrift, we offer customers an option called Cruisey Pay.

How to pay with Cruisey Pay

  1. Create a booking (it must be more than $100 to qualify for Cruisey Pay)
  2. When you get to the payment page, tick the box saying "I want Cruisey Pay"
  3. Select the number of instalments you would like the total broken down to
  4. Enter your credit/debit card details
  5. Hit the "Pay with Cruisey Pay" button (this will take the first instalment and create your booking)
Cruisey Pay Check Out

Who can use Cruisey Pay?

Anyone making an Interislander Cook Strait ferry booking over $100 at least six weeks in advance of travel and can pay the monthly instalments with a credit or debit card can use Cruisey Pay.

Does it cost more?

There is just a one-off $5 fee that is taken along with the first instalment. Other than that, you pay exactly the price of the fare.

How does Cruisey Pay work?

Our system will setup a recurring payment that will automatically take payment on the dates specified during check out.

Can I change my booking?

Yes, you can change your booking. The payments you have already made to Cruisey Pay will be added to the revised basket and you will be able to either pay the entire balance or start a new Cruisey Pay plan.

Can I cancel my booking?

Your cancellation policy is not affected by Cruisey Pay.

If you have an Easy Change ticket you will get all payments refunded when you cancel, apart from the $5 administration fee.

If you have a Saver Change booking you will be eligible for 50% refund which will be added to the Cruisey Pay balance. If this leaves you in credit then you will get a refund, if it leaves you in debit then you will need to pay the balance.

If you have a Web Saver booking then you are not eligible for a refund and will still be required to pay the full balance.

What if I miss a payment?

If a payment is declined by your credit or debit card, then the system will automatically re-submit for payment the following day.

If payment is declined a second time, we will email you to advise that the payment was declined.

We will then re-submit the payment five (5) working days later. If this third payment is declined, we will cancel the booking and advise you of our action by email.

How do I get my ticket?

Once your final instalment has been paid, your Booking Confirmation will be available for download from your account (you exchange your Booking Confirmation for your Boarding Pass(es) at check in - there is no such thing as an Interislander "ticket").