Managing your refund

As long as you have paid for your booking with a credit card you can get a refund via the website. If you paid by direct debit you will need to ring our Customer Service Centre on 0800 802 802.

Step 1

If you have booked online you have set up an Interislander account. Click on login. If you can't remember your password, use the forgotten password link.

You may have to click the Sign in button a couple of times:

Step 2

Go to your account page and select the booking you want to cancel or change under "Recent and Upcoming Bookings":

Step 3

Select "Cancel booking" and the refund will be sent to the credit card you made the booking with. Unfortunately we can't refund the credit card fee.

Step 4

Last step - click on "Cancel booking". You should see the success message. If you have any issues you can call our Customer Service team on 0800 802 802 (8:00am to 5:00pm daily) or fill out our online refund form.