Epic winter tales, told from our trains

Ease back in warmth and comfort to watch the story of New Zealand's winter roll by your window

Coastal Pacific train winding around the Oaro coastline in winter
Views of snow-capped Kaikoura mountains from the Coastal Pacific train
Sharing wintry views of Ruapehu aboard the Northern Explorer train

Watch the story of winter unfold!

Settle down for a spectacular season of drama as we tell the story of New Zealand's winter from the warmth and comfort of our trains.

In a gripping slow-burner, the story begins amidst turning trees glowing orange in the late autumn sun. Slowly, the world turns bare, revealing a tantalising subplot.

Suspense builds with the arrival of winter. Sudden flashes of snowfall move the story unpredictably between scenes of wispy mists and shimmering dews to towering snow-capped mountains and fields of virgin snow. Rainclouds turn from villain to hero, bringing showers of delicate snows and refilling rivers.

In a dramatic finale, a new landscape is revealed. Scenes of cascading waterfalls, rivers flowing with icy waters, and snow-covered mountain ranges. Glimpses of quaint rural homesteads and tumble-down farmhouses are exposed through bare branches and bushes. A secret world previously obscured from view suddenly comes to life. 

This real-life drama will be showing on The Great Journeys of New Zealand between May and September. Book your seat now and ensure you don't miss the unmissable.


A sensational trilogy

Frosty fields, frozen beaches, blanketed volcanoes and snow-covered alps. We have three very different stories on show this winter; pick your favourite or settle down for the entire series:


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