Coastal Pacific 

Discover one of the most beautiful stretches of New Zealand rail aboard our Coastal Pacific™ train.

Book your beautiful seat in our Scenic Class or make it an experience to savour in our Scenic Plus Class today. 

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Journey highlights

map of the Coastal Pacific Christchurch to Picton train

Climb aboard one of the most picturesque journeys on New Zealand railways, meandering along the Pacific coast between Picton and Christchurch

Our Coastal Pacific train takes you along rugged coastlines, across remote beaches, between mountains and sea, on a timeless journey of breathtaking beauty.

Explore the stunning Kaikōura Coastline, famous for its marine life and whale watching. Voyage through the vineyards of Blenheim, dripping with New Zealand's premium crop. Canter amidst the idyllic Canterbury countryside to the Garden City of Christchurch.

Travelling between Christchurch and Picton, the Coastal Pacific meanders breathtakingly close to the sea, where the roaring Pacific Ocean meets the rising Kaikōura mountains. The Coastal Pacific isn't just a scenic activity, combined with the Interislander Ferry it is the perfect way to connect between Wellington, Blenheim, Kaikoura and Christchurch


Travel Information

Northern Explorer Seven o clock at Wellington 730x504

Coastal Pacific Timetable

View the Coastal Pacific timetable for our Christchurch to Picton train and Christchurch to Picton train
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Coastal Pacific Christchurch Station Addington RH7976 730x504

Coastal Pacific Stations

Take the scenic route on your Coastal Pacific journey and stop off along the way at one of our stations
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Coastal Pacific Coastal Panorama CP SHA4 0356 730x504

The Coastal Pacific Journey

With the Pacific Ocean lapping at its wheels, the Coastal Pacific journey is divinely picturesque
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