Scenic Plus Hosting Experience

Bringing together the views, flavours and stories of our journey, your Scenic Plus hosts will ensure you step off the train with a rich appreciation and understanding of our land

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A story in the making

Our Scenic Plus hosting experience goes beyond a welcoming smile and exceptional food service. While you're travelling through our spectacular land, our Scenic Plus hosts will take you on a journey filled with stories, histories, and wondrous facts. 

From the stories of our locally inspired food to the landmarks that pass by your window, our Scenic Plus hosts will be sharing their intimate knowledge of the journey with you. Throughout the journey, they'll be your guide with a mixture of captivating commentary and friendly conversation.

When you leave us, you will be filled with a rich knowledge of our land, our food, our culture and our history.

When you come to tell the story of your journey, you will definitely have plenty to talk about.


Savour the journey with Scenic Plus

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Discover Scenic Plus

Savour the sights and flavours of New Zealand with our Scenic Plus experience
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