Scenic Plus Dining Experience

Included in your Scenic Plus fare, our dining experience is all about bringing the outside to your table, complementing the views with stunning regional food

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Scenic Plus lunch is served
Scenic Plus breakfast is served

A taste of rural New Zealand 

Our Scenic Plus experience brings together the views, the stories, and the flavours of our land, and our Scenic Plus Dining menu is a vital part of that journey.  

Flavours of our land 

Our Coastal Pacific Scenic Plus dining experience is inspired by the vast plains and majestic waters you see through your window. Crayfish, prawn, salmon; these are just a few of the local flavours we are honoured to share with you.

While you cruise across rural farmlands, along pristine coastlines, and among the best vineyards in the world, we'll be bringing vibrant flavours to your table. From breakfast pastries and freshly squeezed orange juice to Marlborough salmon and Sauvignon Blanc. We'll also be serving a selection of local cheeses, canapes, and sweet treats throughout the day.

So rather than simply enjoying the scenery, get a taste of real New Zealand that you can savour now and forever. 


Christchurch to Picton Menu

Our Christchurch to Picton train service departs in the early morning with our Scenic Plus experience serving a light breakfast followed by morning tea. As we glide along the Pacific Coast and through the vineyards of Blenheim, a selection of cheeses is followed by a light lunch of canapes all accompanied by your choice of Marlborough wine or soft drinks.

*Dishes and menus shown are seasonal and subject to change

Coastal Pacific Scenic Plus breakfast

Light Breakfast

Chia and coconut pudding topped with Barker’s of Geraldine rhubarb & red berry compote

Coastal Pacific Scenic Plus morning tea

Cream Tea by the Sea

Morning tea served with sweet scone, Barker’s strawberry jam, and whipped cream

Coastal Pacific Scenic Plus Canape selection

Coastal Canapes & Drinks

Assortment of canapes that bring the flavours from the sea and rural plains to your table

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Picton to Christchurch Menu

Our Picton to Christchurch train service departs in the early afternoon with our Scenic Plus experience serving a light lunch with local wines. While you glide through the vineyards of Blenheim, you will get a genuine taste of this beautiful region. As an afternoon of stunning coastal views rolls by, we'll be serving a selection of cheeses and canapes.

*Dishes and menus shown are seasonal and subject to change

Coastal Pacific Scenic Plus Marlborough salmon

Marlborough Salmon

Your choice of Marlborough salmon or Pure South lamb served upon a Gourmet potato salad

Coastal Pacific Scenic Plus Cheese selection

Cheese selection

Locally made Whitestone Totara Tasty cheddar, Waitaki camembert & Shenley Station Blue

Coastal Pacific Scenic Plus macron selection

Coastal Macrons

A vibrant selection of macrons from Wigram to sweeten the mood as you cruise through the afternoon

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Savour the journey with Scenic Plus

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Discover Scenic Plus

Savour the sights and flavours of New Zealand with our Scenic Plus experience
Discover Scenic Plus
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Scenic Plus Refreshments

Relax with a refreshing selection of regional wines, West Coast beers, and local cheeses and sweets
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Scenic Plus Hosting

Our Scenic Plus hosting experience will captivate you with the stories of your journey
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