Coastal Pacific waiting at Kaikoura Station


The Coastal Pacific train stops at Kaikoura in the morning en-route to Picton, and again in the afternoon en-route to Christchurch.

The station building, known colloquially as the Whaleway Station, is shared between Whale Watch Kaikoura and a small cafe. Neither business sells tickets for the Coastal Pacific, or looks after baggage or runs our Check-in. However, both businesses are happy to welcome you, while waiting for the train.

When the train arrives, our crew will greet you on the platform to Check you in, provide you with your seat number, and assist with loading any baggage you have into our luggage carriage.

You can buy tickets for the Coastal Pacific from the crew on the platform at Kaikoura on the day of travel, but we strongly encourage you to Book online in advance. Standing is not allowed, so if all seats are sold out, you will not be able to travel.


  • Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to departure.
  • All wheeled cabin bags, large bags, backpacks and suitcases need to be checked-in.
  • Bring a small day-pack or handbag to carry anything you may need for the journey.


Coastal Pacific Timetable

Christchurch Picton
Operating times

The Coastal Pacific Christchurch to Picton train runs daily each morning from late September to late April. 


Call 0800 ARRIVAL for current timings. 


The Coastal Pacific Picton to Christchurch train runs daily each afternoon from late September to late April. 


Call 0800 ARRIVAL for current timings.