Picton to Christchurch by train

Getting from Picton to Christchurch couldn't be more relaxing and there is plenty to do en-route - so make time to travel this historic scenic route!

Travelling Picton to Christchurch by train

Upon disembarking in Picton, you have two or three choices. Your first choice will be determined by which ferry you were on. If you want to catch the train from Picton to Christchurch, Blenheim or Kaikoura immediately, then you needed to be on one of the morning Wellington to Picton ferries. The Picton to Christchurch train  leaves once a day in the early afternoon, so if you arrived on a later ferry you will need to stay in Picton or nearby Blenheim overnight. 

Travelling Wellington to Christchurch on a "throughfare" ticket

If you want to travel from Wellington to Christchurch by train and ferry in one day, then you can buy a Great Journeys of New Zealand throughfare. This is a single ticket that includes the 9am Interislander Wellington to Picton ferry, followed by the early afternoon Coastal Pacific train from Picton to Christchurch. 

The Wellington to Christchurch throughfare ticket is the most convenient and comfortable way to travel from Wellington to Christchurch. It is also by far the most memorable way to travel between Wellington and Christchurch - it is a journey you will never forget! 

Our Wellington to Christchurch throughfare uses the morning Interislander Wellington to Picton ferry, which arrives in the early afternoon in perfect synchronicity with the Coastal Pacific train from Picton to Christchurch.

Upon disembarking the Interislander Wellington to Picton ferry, you will make your way to the station on foot whilst we automatically transfer your checked-in luggage for you. The station is only a few hundred metres away and although it is visible from the terminal, we have marked the pavement with little painted trains (it's fun for kids to follow the trail, if nothing else!).

If you have time and are able, walking around the Picton Foreshore for half an hour is a great way to stretch your sea-legs and get an appreciation for this quaint seaside town. If you are travelling with children and want to run some energy out of them before climbing on board the train, then there is an excellent playground on the foreshore, just a couple of minutes walk from the station (behind the Picton i-Site).

Staying overnight in Picton

If you have taken the more relaxing afternoon Wellington to Picton ferry, then you will need to stay in either Picton or Blenheim overnight. 

Picton is a popular overnight stop, so finding somewhere to stay shouldn't prove difficult providing you book in advance. The Picton Yacht Club Hotel is one of the better located, larger and well appointed hotel options, whilst the Jasmine Court Motel is one of the more spacious and homely options. There is also a Top 10 Holiday Park member in the town centre - and don't forget if you are a Top 10 Holiday Park member then you can save on your train and ferry travel.

Staying overnight in Blenheim

Blenheim is a short 20-30 minute taxi ride from Picton and is a good alternative to staying in Picton - especially if you were planning to do a wine tour in Blenheim anyway. The major downside is that you'll miss the first leg of the Coastal Pacific journey.

So if you have time on your side, then stopping overnight in Picton and hopping on the train the following day is recommended. It will also save you an expensive taxi fare!

Taking it slow: using your free stopovers!

The benefit of a Flexi or Flexi Plus Picton to Christchurch train ticket on the Coastal Pacific is that you can stop en-route free of charge.

Stopover at Blenheim for fine wine!

There are few who'll disagree that Blenheim is a one of the greatest wine producing regions in the world. In particular, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is globally celebrated for its unique citrus punch. A relative newcomer is the Pinot Noir which is also sending ripples through this discerning market. 

Never a truer word was said than "success breeds success". So having proved its wine producing qualities, winemakers and vitriculturalists arrived en-masse to experiment and take full advantage of rich volcanic soils and dry winds. Today, Blenheim is at the heart of a wine celebration, with an incredible variety of varietals being grown and transformed into award winning wines.

With dozens of vineyard restaurants and dozens more cellar doors, the last thing you'll want is a car. So why not treat yourself to a private wine tour  and have someone meet you at the station and take you to the winemakers of your choice! 

Stopover in Kaikoura for a seaside experience with a difference

Whether you want to go on the world-famous Whalewatch Kaikoura tour or just relax by the seaside enjoying seafood and salty sea air, Kaikoura is a  must see New Zealand destination. 

Since the 2016 earthquake, Kaikoura has undergone a few changes. So even if you have been there before, you should definitely consider returning. Point Keane on the Kaikoura Peninsula, which is home to the town's seal colony, has grown remarkably. There is now a surfing school on the town's beach thanks the seabed shift bring better waves. There is also a new pier, a new museum, a new hot spring and a new alpine lake. 

For those who have never been to Kaikoura, you are going to be dumbfounded by its beauty. From the hills to the south of town where much of the rental accommodation