Scenic Plus Alternative Meal Selection

Our Scenic Plus dining experience might include ingredients that aren't to your liking, so we've created you some equally delicious meals for you to choose from

Scenic Plus cheese selection

Need to order an alternative meal?

Our menu of local delicacies plays an important role in our Scenic Plus experience. But there are ingredients that won't agree with everyone. If you have a particular dietary requirement, then please let us know as soon as you have booked.

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Alternative Meals

Food is very much a part of the Scenic Plus story and we want everyone to enjoy the experience. Therefore, if you prefer, you can choose from our Vegetarian and Gluten Intolerant options. 


Vegetarian Meal (VGML)

This meal is suitable for Vegans or pure vegetarian customers following a strict vegetarian diet.

It will not contain meat, dairy, egg products or animal products or by-products.


Gluten Free (Intolerant) Meal (GFML)

This meal is suitable for gluten-intolerant but not gluten-allergic customers.

Meals are free of ingredients with gluten.

If you require strict gluten-free, you are welcome to bring your own food onboard to ensure you aren’t exposed to possible glutens.


Please note that our meals are prepared in an open environment. While great care is taken to ensure that there is no transference, please note that the meals may contain trace quantities of milk & milk products, eggs, fish & fish products, crustacea, tree nuts, peanuts, gluten, sesame, soy, lupins and sulphites.



Meal requests must be made at least 7 days before travel


Ordering your alternative meal

You can order your alternative meals when making your booking over the phone on 0800 TRAINS (0800 872 467).

Alternatively, you can make your booking online and then contact us via our Online Contact Form. You'll need to contact our Customer Services team at least 7 days before travel to make your request.


Bringing your own food

You are welcome to bring your own food, including snacks. Please note that we cannot refrigerate or heat food for you.