Saint Clair Vineyard Half

The Vineyard Half is a sociable fun day out that offers everyone the chance to achieve a special goal. Giving so much to so many, this is a fun event we love to support.

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A good reason to be cheerful!

The word marathon is deliberately missing from this event's name - and for good reason. For most of us, marathon isn't a fun word. Vineyard, on the other hand, is an excellent fun word. And living up to the promise, Saint Clair Vineyard Half is an excellent fun event.

But it isn't all about fun. The Saint Clair Vineyard Half's broad appeal is designed to get people active - from fitness fanatics looking to break their personal bests, to TV bingers looking for inspiration to get outside, from the young and athletic to the old and experienced.

Yes, the Vineyard Half motivates fitness and wellbeing, and rewards with confidence and self-belief. But participation is also supporting the wider community with many people taking part to raise money for causes close to their hearts. The event organisers also contribute nationally by raising awareness and donations for Bowel Cancer NZ.

An achievement to savour

Forget the obligatory medal of participation, those crossing the finish line at the Vineyard Half are rewarded with a bottle of world-renowned Saint Clair Family Estate wine. And rather heading home to share their incredible achievements via social media whilst having a bath, participants to join together with friends at the finish line, celebrating amongst the vines of the Saint Clair Vineyard Kitchenand enjoying some of the many delicious treats on offer.

Take your time. This is long-distance running, the Marlborough way.

A worthy event to support

Taking place in our Blenheim backyard, the Saint ClairVineyard Half is an important event for Marlborough, Marlburians and Kiwis, from all walks of life and all regions of New Zealand.

We are honoured to be an official event partner, and proud to contribute to an event that provides so much health and happiness to so many people.

We hope you'll pull out your sneakers, phone your friends, and come and join in the fun-loving festivities.