Community support guidelines

We aim to support the wider community and positively contribute to as many people as we can. Priority is given to applications that support our local community in a way that helps them help themselves and delivers measurable benefits.

 We cannot consider applications which are:

  • for an individual and/or any one family.
  • for political, advocacy or religiously affiliated organisations.
  • for organisations that are deemed (at our sole discretion) to be controversial or potentially controversial.
  • for organisations whose programmes, policies, activities, goals or causes may reflect negatively on our company.
  • for any organisation that has already received a travel voucher during our current financial year (1st July to 30th June).
  • submitted by a person(s) who is not authorised by the organisation to represent it.
  • for support of an event, activity or fundraiser which involves danger or risk.
  • for international organisations, projects or activities.
  • for groups that do not reach the wider community.
  • for the operational or salary expenses of an organisation.
  • for organisations associated with tobacco, drugs, alcohol or other harmful products or substances.
  • for organisations who qualify for nationally funded social programmes.
  • In addition to the above, KiwiRail may exclude any application from consideration for any reason it considers relevant, in its sole discretion.

Priority, not exclusivity, is given to applications geographically located near our Interislander terminals and scenic train stations. 

These locations include the following:

  • Auckland, Hamilton and Central Plateau
  • Manawatu Region
  • Greater Wellington Region
  • Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough Region
  • Canterbury, Otago and West Coast

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are travel vouchers allocated?

We review all applications that meet our eligibility criteria and the decision whether or not to grant a travel voucher is at our sole discretion. Unfortunately, it is not possible to grant travel vouchers to all applicants and priority is given to applications that:

  • Support The Great Journeys of New Zealand’s local community in a way that helps them help themselves and delivers measurable benefits to the community. For example, you may use a travel voucher as a prize for a fundraising event (such as a charity auction or raffle) to fund improvements to infrastructure (e.g. a playground).
  • Reach the wider community.
  • Support our brands in a positive way.

Can I apply for support for another event if we have already received a travel voucher in the current financial year?

No. The Great Journeys of New Zealand aims to support the wider community and positively contribute to as many people as we can. Therefore, we restrict travel voucher allocations to one per organisation per financial year so our support can reach more people.

If my organisation's focus area is outside of The Great Journeys of New Zealand’s priority community areas, will my application still be considered?

Yes, provided your organisation and event is eligible for consideration. We encourage and prioritise applications from our local communities (refer to areas listed under Guidelines). However, support requests from organisations that carry out works in the wider community will also be considered.

If my organisation has already received a travel voucher from any one of The Great Journeys of New Zealand’s services, can I apply again for a travel voucher on a different service?

No. If your organisation has already received a voucher from either Interislander or any of the scenic trains in the current financial year, you must wait until the next financial year before you apply for another travel voucher for your organisation.

If a travel voucher has already been granted to our organisation this financial year but our event was cancelled and I returned the voucher, can I submit another application?

Yes. If your event or fundraiser has been cancelled and you have returned the voucher you may re-apply for another travel voucher in that financial year to go towards another event.

How will I know if my application has been approved and when will I receive my travel voucher?

Once we have considered your application and made a decision, you will receive an e-mail before the 15th of the following month. If your application is successful, the voucher will be sent to you via email.

Do I have permission to use the Northern Explorer, Interislander, Coastal Pacific and/or TranzAlpine logos to promote our fundraiser or event?

Yes. If your application is successful, we will send you logos along with a travel voucher via email. We encourage you to promote your event alongside our brand logos using either printed collateral or promotion via your social media channels.

Note: If we request, you must cease the use of our name and logo and must not use our name or logo in such a way as to imply any ongoing endorsement or partnership between your organisation and The Great Journeys of New Zealand or any of our service brands (Northern Explorer, Interislander, Coastal Pacific and TranzAlpine).